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instant multi-use stacking serving cabinet space saving tool no single kitchen should be without.

Set of 2
Small white blemish on large tray, see photo.

Anagama Woodfired Stoneware glazed with a matte white liner glaze; foodsafe

The Anagama Firing begins by loading the kiln for approximately 3-5days. Once the 4 chamber kiln is loaded, a team of individuals sits watch, 24 hours a day for between 3 and 5 days. Progressively, since the only fuel source is Oak and Cedar logs, the stokers continually add to the fire, as frequently as every 5 to 7 minutes. The blushed surface comes solely from wood ash, as it flows over every surface in the kiln.

Because of the volatile nature of some spots in the kiln, warpage can occur. The remarkable aspect of this set of 3 nesting trays is that not only did the fire without warping, they all still nest very well. A true set tested in a trial by fire.

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